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Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic In Sector 4 Noida

Vitreo Retinal Surgery in Noida (Vitreo Retinal superspeciality office ) at the 108 Eye And health centre is fit for taking care of muddled Retina issues. 
With the arising need to take care of retinal issues adequately, we additionally put stock in prophylactic treatment for different beginning phases retinal issues. 
Early recognition and early mediation is likewise useful to draw out the quick disintegration of the vision. Offices at 108 Eye And health centre place for Retinal Treatment. 

Best Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic Sector 4 Noida

Vitreo Retinal Surgery in Noida : We regularly run diabetic retinopathy facility where in screening and early avoidance of intricacy is focused on. 
Indicative apparatuses like OCT, Fundus camera for FFA. 
Exceptional Operation Theater and VISU 210 magnifying lens. 
Reticare keratosystems for Vitrectomy medical procedures outfitted with endoillumilatior. 
Green laser for laser treatment. 
Offices for intravitreal Avastin and Lucentis infusion. 
PDT Laser (Photo dynamic treatment). 
Diabetic Retinopathy Why with 108 EYE AND HEALTH Center ? : Experienced all around prepared specialists and care staff. 

Best Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic In Noida Sector 4

Most recent types of gear like fundus Fluorescein Angiography, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), Green (Argon) laser and Suture Less Vitrectomy and so on. Top to bottom advising and direction with respect to your sickness, care just as your therapy. 
Novel "108 Eye And health centre Experience" through sympathetic and accommodating consideration at our 108 Eye And health centre' Vitreo Retinal Surgery Department in Noida. 

Best Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic Noida Sector 50

Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic 
Diabetes: – Diabetes is an illness portrayed by expanded sugar level in blood either on account of lacking discharge of insulin or inappropriate preparing of if by the body. 
Different issues that may create are: 
Cataracts — darkness of the eye focal point 
Glaucoma — expanded weight in the eye that can prompt visual impairment 
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