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Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic In Sector 15 Noida

FFA (Funds Fluorescein Angiography ):- Method of assessing the patency of retinal and choroidal veins, Fluorescein color is infused into a vein at that point along these lines photos of the eye are taken for example photos of fundus as the color flows are taken. 
Ultrasonography (B Ascan) of the eye. Transmission of high recurrence sound waves into the eyes, which are mirrored the visual tissues and showed on screen so inside structures can be imagined in eye with obscure media.

Best Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic Sector 15 Noida

 Ultrasonography shows the progressions that are occurring in the glassy discharge, thick Cataract, and corneal obscurity. B check encourages us to assess such eyes and plan for medical procedures. 
ICG: – Another kind of Angiography of the vessels in the I C G (Indocyanine green is a color that lights up when presented to infrared light. 
Infrared light is utilized to take photos of the rear of the eye envisioning retinal veins and choroidal veins. 

Best Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic In Noida Sector 15

OCT: – OCT utilizes light waves cutting through tissue layers in the rear of the eye they produce a back dissipating that changes over into high goal cross sectional pictures of the retina, macula and optic nerve, with this new clinical imaging innovation nerve, with this new clinical imaging innovation clinicians have another effortless, exact symptomatic apparatus. 

Best Vitreoretinal Surgery Clinic Noida Sector 50

Therapy : LASER represents light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser shaft is energy that comes from unique light source; it is centered around to the sick zone in the retina. The warmth energy seals and wrecks the unusual veins. The point of this treatment is to ensure the patient's most significant focal vision, relinquishing if fundamental a portion of the less significant side vision. 
The laser treatment settles the movement of diabetic retinopathy, intermittent development is critical to check any further movement is there. 

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