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We at 108 Eye And Health Centre, a Super Speciality day- care eye hospital, have grown by leaps and bounds since it was started and still growing with a much advanced zeal, thanks to thousands of satisfied patients.

We aim to give quality and comprehensive eye care to all strata of society, at affordable prices.
Our hospital comprises of completely equipped out patient units, a sophisticated state of the art operation theatre, perimetry & laser room, wards and optic unit. Darshan Opto vision, our optical unit presents a wide range of top quality trendy frames and lenses at reasonable rates.

We sincerely thank you for your invaluable support and request you to continue your patronage with us.

Cataract surgery
Cataract surgery involves junking of this clouded lens and Its replacing with a synthetic lens at the same time. (There's no other way of treating a cataract)
The Safest and most sophisticated way is by Phacoemulsification with foldable IOL implantation ( incorrectly called" laser"), in which a small puncture is made in the eye, the Cataract emulsified using ultrasound energy and also sucked out (in contrast to aged approaches where in a large cut of 10-15 mm was made to remove the cataract in one piece).
This makes the surgery safer, with nearly no restrictions on the patient post-operatively, less painful and provides far better and quicker visual result.

Foldable lenses
A fairly large lens needs to be fitted in the eye during surgery in order to restore its fastening power (the power of the intraocular lens is precalculated with an"A" scan biometer). Today we've soft foldable lenses which can be folded and fitted through the Phacoemulsification perforation and also unfolded within the eye. Hence, the incision remains bitsy. Though a bit precious, the combination of Phacoemulsification with the insertion of a foldable intraocular lens is moment considered the veritably most best way of treating a cataract.

The surgery is effortless, lasts lower than 10 min and the patient is sent home immediately (no hospital stay is demanded and patients can get back to their normal conditioning, including work & TV viewing right down.)Post-operative care is minimum. Though good vision is restored fast, spectacles may still be demanded for very fine vision eg.reading.

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