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Glaucoma Treatment in Noida at 108 Eye and Health Centre

Glaucoma is a condition that afflicts the nervus opticus . The nervus opticus transmits signals from your retina to the brain. Eyes got to maintain a healthy level of internal pressure. For optimal pressure , eyes produce new fluid and an equal amount of fluid flows out.

Too much fluid within the eyes causes glaucoma, which results in high pressure thanks to which even the nervus opticus may get damaged. nervus opticus damage can cause impaired vision or permanent blindness. there's no cure for glaucoma, but early diagnosis and timely treatment can ease the symptoms and preserve vision.

Diagnosis of Glaucoma
Your ophthalmologist will give your eyes a comprehensive examination, central to which is that the eye pressure test. the attention specialist can also detect normal-tension glaucoma albeit your pressure is within the healthy range.

If glaucoma is diagnosed, the doctor then looks into the angle of the fluid drainage to work out the sort of glaucoma you've got . With the help of a special instrument, the doctor next tests your nervus opticus to assess the damage. The specialist also will conduct acuity and field tests to work out the extent to which your vision has been suffering from glaucoma.

Treatment of Glaucoma in Noida at 108 Eye and Health Centre
As stated above, there's no cure for glaucoma, but timely intervention can help preserve your vision. Treatments can vary from simple medications to surgery. The ophthalmologist can select the best course of treatment supported the individual conditions in your case.

Medicinal eye drops can contain many symptoms of glaucoma. Medication controls the disease by slowing the assembly of fluid to take care of healthy pressure . Some medicines also smoothen the flow of fluid within the drainage canal. Proper medication can go an extended way in controlling the symptoms and preserving your vision.

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If the symptoms can't be controlled by medications, the doctor may recommend surgery. Laser eye surgery is a smaller amount invasive and is that the hottest treatment for glaucoma. There are a spread of procedures employed by ophthalmologists to empty fluid from the attention and reduce pressure .

Treatment of glaucoma can take various forms. Your ophthalmologist can work with you to decrease risks and side effects and increase the advantages of treatment and assist you with optimal preservation of your vision.

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