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Cataract is a disease linked to age. It affects the mortal lens. The natural human lens of the eye gets cloudy and opaque leading to change in the translucency of the lens affecting your vision. Visual acuity and quality worsens gradationally, and may indeed reach the point of total blindness in the affected eye.

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Cloudy or blurred vision
Colors appear faded or dim
Sensitivity to bright lights or glare
Difficulty driving or using a computer
Poor night vision
Double vision or multiple images in one eye

This surgery is advised for anyone whose loss of visual quality precludes performance of their daily activities.

Cataract is treated by a surgical procedure involving the Replacing of the cloudy natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL)
Artificial intraocular lens (IOL)
Different types of implantable lenses are designed to meet individual eye health and life needs. Check which lens is right choice for you.

We at 108 Eye and Health Centre have been pioneers in the field of cataract surgery offering the newest technology and a high standard of eye care to a large population. Our specialist helps to determine the corrective lens to be implanted in your eyes after a thorough eye examination and all our Cataract surgeries successfully restores vision in the majority of people who have done with the procedure.

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