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Best eye lasik treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre offers you Lasik surgery using advanced diagnostic technology. Pre-Lasik Counselling consists of a series of measurements done to check your eyes and determine the type and degree of refractory error, thickness and shape of the corneal tissue etc. This obligatory assessment aids doctors to customize the eye surgery for individual patients’needs and gives you an room to clear all your queries and clarifications before treatment with our eye professionals

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About Cataract
Inside our eye, we've a natural lens. This lens acts like a camera. The lens bends light rays that enter the eye in a manner that the rays fall on the retina and help us see easily.

However, as age increases, the lens loses its transparency and starts to get cloudy. This is the onset of cataract. With the development of cataract, the vision starts to deteriorate, and it's like looking through a foggy or dusty car windshield making effects look blurry, hazy or less colorful.

How is cataract treated?
Treatment for cataract is in the form of surgery. At 108 Eye and Health Centre, Cataract surgery is done using most advanced technology using Centurion Vision System that offers the best outcomes after cataract surgery. We've the best eye doctor for cataract surgery with rearmost procedures and technology.

Cataract surgery in todays era is no longer about just eliminating of cataract and putting in lens. With the ultramodern technology, we can plan the cataract surgery using sophisticated diagnostic tools to achieve minimum to no refractive error or power after cataract surgery and to maximize your vision without need to use spectacles.
At 108 Eye and Health Centre, we ensure patient safety and deliver accuracy using a through pre operative diagnostic protocol to help choose correct lens to be implanted.

Medical check up to insure fitness of the patient at the time of surgery, complete ophthalmologic examination and ocular diagnostics such as Sirius topographer, AL- Scan, OPD Scan and OCT.
At 108 Eye and Health Centre our commitment is to ensure patient safety. We ensure complete safety and zero infection chances by strictly adhering to aseptic precautions.

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