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108 Eye and Health Centre is a unique establishment for treating children eye diseases & adult eyesight. Not only does it offer treatment for common children eye problems, it provides comprehensive evaluation and follow-up for children with simple or complex eye and/ or vision diseases as well.

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Children with Lazy eye, Lacrimal diseases, squint, inherited eye complaint, and other eye conditions receive short- term treatment of the immediate problem as well as long- term rehabilitative care and monitoring of their visual development.
The center also specializes in the management of congenital and juvenile acquired cataracts, with emphasis on opinion, treatment and comprehensive follow-up, including monitoring vision development, preventing Amblyopia, fitting special pediatric contact lenses, and pediatric intraocular lens implantation.

108 Eye and Health Centre is completely equipped with state of the art instruments necessary for diagnosis & treatment of eye problems. In addition, 108 Eye and Health Centre also specializes in the rearmost no injection, no sew, no bandage fashion for adult cataract surgeries (Phaco with foldable IOL). With a modern completely equipped operation theatre, these surgeries are done on day care basis.

Fight blindness, gift sight to visually deprived people, and deliver world- class eye care services at affordable rates.

Affordable quality eye care for all by delivering cost-effective, equitable, ethical, cutting- edge technology compassionately.

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