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Laser Eye Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre

Laser Vision Correction is primarily done to urge faraway from glasses or contact lenses for refractive errors like short sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism etc. this is often a really simple cosmetic procedure for those that like better to see without glasses or contact . the most important concern in any cosmetic procedure is safety and accuracy. Hence all folks prefer an area with a state of the art technology. Nonetheless, it's an error to think that technology alone is liable for the simplest outcomes. The skill, experience and judgment of the surgeon is equally important because the technology is and 108 Eye and Health Centre stands out.

108 EYE AND HEALTH CENTRE, equipped for a far better Lasik Surgery in Noida.
We offer differing types of laser vision corrections like LASIK with blade, Blade-free LASIK ( femtosecond laser) and PRK laser vision corrections, to supply the simplest Lasik Surgery.

*A thin corneal flap is formed and raised (110-130 microns)
*The shape of cornea is altered with beam
*And then the corneal flap is replaced.

108 EYE AND HEALTH CENTRE is a unique facility wherein flap is formed with blade free Femtosecond laser using the last word femtosecond laser machine the LensX. This bladeless, technology allows creating predictable flaps with the very best level of precision. during this innovative procedure, we use complete disposables for every eye of the patient.

The Ideal Candidates should be:
*Age Over 18
*Stable Refraction for atleast 1 year
*Healthy Eyes

Less than Ideal Candidates
*Severe Dry Eyes
*Large Pupils
*Corneal Surface Disorders or Scarring
*Unstable Vision

Poor Candidates
*Pregnant ( Relative contraindication)

Ocular Herpes Simplex
*lasik doesn't cure the traditional aging process called presbyopia, which usually begins within the 40’s, at which era you'll need reading glasses for fine print. This process has nothing to try to to with the curvature of the cornea, but rather is thanks to an increasing inflexibility of the human lens. If you're already in your forties or beyond, you'll likely need readers relatively soon after the procedure. Lasik goes to form you free from glasses, So whatever vision you've got with the glasses ,the same vision are often obtained after Lasik without the necessity of them.

Get the best laser eye treatment at our best 108 Eye and Health Centre

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