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Vision therapy treatment at 108 eye and health centre

It is a kind of physiotherapy for improving the attention functions, the inter-relation between two eyes, hand and brain. it's a highly effective & non invasive therapy for several visual problems, eg. lazy eye, crossed eyes, diplopia , focusing & learning disabilities, eye ache & strains, intermittent blurring, headaches etc. associated with binocular eye usage. Reading and learning disabilities in children needs multidisciplinary approach and vision therapy must be integrated with other training programs. Many patients who are told, "it's too late," or "you'll need to learn to measure with it" have greatly benefited from Vision therapy

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What is involved during a Vision Therapy program?
It consists of a comprehensive program of 'exercises', performed under the care of an Ophthalmologist and Developmental Optometrist. The program is
Individualized to suit the diagnosis & visual needs of every patient

Conducted within the clinic, once or twice weekly in sessions lasting for 30 to hour . If needed, it are often supplemented by home exercises.
Binocular Vision Therapy is suggested to enhance fundamental visual skills and skills , to enhance visual comfort, ease & efficiency, and to vary how a patient processes or interprets visual information.

Vision Therapy isn't just eye exercises!
Vision Therapy isn't to be confused with numerous self-help programs of eye exercises, aimed toward reducing eye power (of course isn't possible!). The goal of Vision Therapy isn't to strengthen eye muscles, which are already very strong. Many very specialized equipment are utilized in Vision Therapy programs. Corrective & therapeutic lenses, Prisms, Optical filters, Occluders or eye patches, Specialised stereo-Computer software, balance boards, visual-motor-sensory integration training devices etc. are a number of them.

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