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Corena & External Disease Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre

Corneal and external diseases involve various parts of the attention including the cornea, iris, lens, anterior chamber, conjunctiva and eyelids. Corneal and external diseases can include corneal allergies, cataracts, infections, conjunctivitis and dry eye. There also can be refractive maladies like near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. Other related disorders include keratoconus, pterygium, endophthalmitis and Fuch’s Dystrophy aside from other ailments.

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The Cornea
The cornea is that the dome-shaped, outermost, transparent layer that covers the iris and pupil. The corneal tissue itself consists of 5 basic layers called the epithelium, Bowman’s layer, stroma, Descemet’s membrane and endothelium therein order. Although it's transparent, the cornea contains a highly complex group of cells and proteins. However, unlike most tissues within the physical body , the cornea contains no blood vessels to nourish it or to protect against infection. The cornea receives its nourishment from the aqueous humour that fills the chamber behind it. Human tears also provide the cornea with nourishment

Dual Function
The cornea serves two purposes: First, in tandem with the eyelid, orbit , the tear film and therefore the white a part of the attention called the sclera, the cornea shields the attention from dust, germs and other harmful substances.

Secondly, since it's outermost lens of the attention , it is the purpose of entry for light. When a ray of sunshine strikes the cornea, it refracts, or bends the ray onto the lens. The lens refocuses the sunshine onto the retina, the tissue of light-sensing cells lining the anterior of the attention . Clear vision requires the cornea and lens to focus the sunshine rays precisely on the retina. The way a camera takes an image is modeled on this refractive process, with the cornea and lens of the attention acting just like the lens of a camera. The retina is that the film, if the cornea cannot focus the sunshine properly, the retina receives a blurred image.

108 Eye and Health Centre
These disorders can cause extensive damage to the attention surface and cause the formation of latest blood vessels. Severe scarring may end in loss of vision. Researchers at 108 Eye and Health Centre are exploring the likelihood of normal tears having the ability to modulate and heal these conditions. a far better understanding of the precise role of tears within the healing process can cause the innovation of latest techniques for visual recovery. it's going to also increase the amount of successful surgeries.

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