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108 Eye and Health Centre is a center for professed clinical excellence, and aims at being par with the rearmost technology at all times, who's well named Cornea Specialist. We also specializes in Cataract and Refractive Surgeries.

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We treat a number of different eye conditions, namely cataract, infections, allergies, glaucoma and numerous further. Offering a warm and friendly set-up, our clinic assures you high standards of eye care at affordable prices. Being a Cornea Specialty clinic, we treat a variety of corneal diseases like Keratitis, Bullous Keratopathy, Corneal Dystrophy, Keratoconus, etc and performs highly advanced surgeries for the same.

Eye Check up
why do we get spectacle powers?
eye- check-up

In youngish age groups, spectacle powers most probably develop due to the inherent shape or length of the eye. Shorter eyes tend to develop plus powers ( Hyperopia) and longer eyes tend to have minus powers ( Myopia).

Does exorbitantly watching T.V. or Laptop/ iPad operation cause spectacle power to increase?
No. A common complaint that parents give us at the clinic is that the child constantly watches T.V. from close by and hence has got spectacles now. On the negative, the fact that the child needs to go veritably close to the T.V. may be an index that his vision is n’t over to the mark, and hence should be a warning sign that this child needs an eye check-up. Generally, inordinate use of similar bias may produce eye strain, but noway produces a change in spectacle powers.

What can we do to stop the number from increasing?
There's no evidence to prove that any eye exercises nor any dietary changes will produce reduction or stop progression of spectacle power changes. Spectacle power of an individual’s eye is like the height of that person-after a certain age it'll stabilize ( usually around 18-21 years of age). Rarely there are pathological diseases in which the eye number constantly changes. These are serious conditions requiring detailed tests and applicable treatment.

I can see everything, why do I need an eye check-up?
Frequently, what you may think is normal vision may be less than the required standard of vision. This can only be detected by a detailed eye check up by your Doctor. Even for people with normal vision, periodic eye check-ups are imperative to detect any silent diseases in the eye. Glaucoma, Retinopathy.

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