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Broadened Range Symfony IOL - New Addition For some patients, multifocal Intraocular focal points gives great outcomes with more extensive scope of vision then monofocal focal points. Around 3-5 percent patients may get some glare/coronas, consequently we dont use it in patients who may require demanding evening time vision. Anyway for most recent one year, another Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) focal point has opened up which gives great scope of vision without the downsides related with multifocal visual framework. As far as we can tell, we have utilized Symfony focal points from Allergan in numerous patients (counting Jewelers, Dentist and so on) with great outcomes. 

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Prelex : Prelex represents presbyopic focal point trade which is an age related condition. It utilizes eye a medical procedure with focal point implantation to dispose of glasses in patients over the age of 45. Patients settling on multifocal focal points don't need glasses for staring at the TV, understanding paper, PC work or any sort of routine exercises. 

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After the age of 40, notwithstanding the distance number (furthermore, less, tube shaped) one additionally gets close to number for perusing. For this situation, LASIK can't dispose of both distance and close to numbers. In these cases, the number evacuation is finished by trading the characteristic focal point with particular focal points. Since this eliminates the characteristic focal point, the patient will never create waterfall and won't need extra a medical procedure for that further down the road. 

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Implantable Contact Lenses ( ICL) In patients who have outrageous levels of nearsightedness (limitation/short number), hyperopia (far sightedness/in addition to number) and astigmatism (tube shaped number), implantable contact focal points can be utilized to dispose of glasses. These are uniquely modified contact focal points made of collamar, embedded inside the eye and rest above common focal point. These gives great quality vision and are effectively removable, if need be. 

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