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After medical procedure, I saw a spot of blood on the white of my eye. Should I be concerned ? : The white piece of the eye (sclera) is covered by an away from of tissue (conjunctiva). At the point when a minuscule vein breaks, the blood gets caught underneath the conjunctiva. Since the tissue is clear, the blood is unmistakably noticeable. If this somehow managed to occur on your arm, you would have a blue or purple wound in light of the fact that the skin isn't straightforward. This won't influence your vision and will step by step resolve all alone. 

Ophthalmologists In Sector 45 Noida

In transit home from a medical procedure I saw enormous coronas around all the lights. What causes this ? : This emotional glare was because of the way that your understudy was as yet expanded from the medical procedure. After widening wears off, vision should getting back to business as usual. 

Ophthalmologists In Noida Sector 45

My glare issue has improved significantly since the medical procedure, however I still every so often notice coronas or streaks on lights around evening time. What causes this ? : There are numerous variables that can cause glare. A slight requirement for glasses (refractive blunder) is quite possibly the most well-known reasons you may see slight frown around evening time. Likewise, a few patients experience minor corneal growing after a medical procedure that may cause brief glare. 

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Since my Cataract medical procedure half a month prior, everything has a pink color. What causes this ? : This pink color is because of slight expanding in the retina and isn't extraordinary after medical procedure. It will bit by bit disappear as you utilize your postoperative eye drops. 

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