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Corneal Tomography with Pachymetry : This cornea module gives essential data about the corneal thickness, corneal bend and individual profiles for various layers of the cornea. This test is explicitly accomplished for LASIK patients pre-operatively to check whether their eyes are reasonable to go through LASIK medical procedure. 

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Haag-Streit Octopus 600 Visual Field Analyser - Visual Field Analysis or Perimetry is a basic test that should be accomplished for all glaucoma patients to screen movement of their sickness. The Octopus 600 is an astounding and effective Perimeter that plays out the test quicker than most different machines. Ordinary machines can take upto 15 to 12 minutes for each perimetry test, yet with the Octopus machine's TOP procedure and wise learning calculations, the test should be possible inside 5 minutes for every eye. Generally speaking, perhaps the most refined Perimeter machines accessible today. 

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Tomey OA-2000 Optical Biometer - Optical Biometry is quite possibly the main machines to have today for exact focal point estimations in waterfall medical procedure. It is the way to get a decent refractive outcome following waterfall medical procedure and keep away from the requirement for wearing glasses after a medical procedure. 

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The Tomey OA2000 is the main Optical Biometer in the market with particularly exact and quick estimations. In addition, in contrast to most other optical biometers on the lookout, this machine takes precise readings even in the most exceptional waterfalls which guarantees that we get great outcomes for all patients. The additional advantage of this machine is that it has a free Corneal Topography module, for estimating the corneal arch and routineness. 

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