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CORNEA AND CONTACT LENS SPECIALITY CLINIC : A devoted, all around prepared Cornea expert with broad work experience runs the Cornea facility at our middle. The administrations offered are plot underneath. 

Keratoconus Clinic : This condition is found in youthful patients with regular difference in glass number because of progress in the corneal shape. We offer a wide scope of treatment for this condition. Claim to fame contact focal points are offered for better vision. 

Ophthalmologists In Sector 18 Noida

Collagen cross-connecting with riboflavin and UV light, assists with capturing the deteriorating of keratoconus. There are a few changes of this method, and every patient goes through an intensive assessment, after which a proper strategy is suggested. 

This can be joined with PRK to diminish the refractive blunder or extraordinary ring portions called INTACS, in appropriate cases. A few of above methodology have been succesfully performed at our middle. We offer corneal transfer in cutting edge cases as it were. 

Ophthalmologists In Noida Sector 18

Cornea Transplantation : Patients requiring cornea relocate are the ones with corneal decompensation, contaminations, dystrophies and corneal scars. We offer full thickness cornea relocate also the more up to date front and back lamellar corneal transfer, where just the ailing layer is changed. Little youngsters and children may likewise require cornea relocate, and convenient choice for medical procedure is basic. 

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Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Clinic : We manage a few conditions like pterygium, dry eye, hypersensitivities, immune system issues influencing the eye, compound wounds and complex conditions like Stevens-Johnson disorder and Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid. The alternatives for treatment (contingent upon the reason) incorporates eye drops, punctal plugs, scleral focal points, pterygium extraction with autograft (sutureless), pannus expulsion, amniotic layer relocate, limbal immature microorganism relocate, mucous film unites and keratoprosthesis. 

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