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Neuro-ophthalmologists have some expertise in visual issues identified with the sensory system, including loss of sight because of injury to the cerebrum or the optic nerves which send visual signs from the eyes to the mind. Such injury might be brought about by injury, aggravation, strokes, tumors, poison levels or contaminations. Neuro-ophthalmologists additionally treat patients who have issues controlling eye development, which may give trouble visual perception in specific ways or twofold vision because of misalignment. This misalignment, known as strabismus, might be treated with crystal focal points or now and again with surgeries. 

108 eye neuro-ophthalmologists, with both neurological and ophthalmological cooperation preparing and mastery, offer complete clinical consideration utilizing cutting edge analytic hardware and offices, just as correspondence and advising for our patients. 

Conditions we commonly give treatment to include: 

Optic nerve sickness. 

Vision misfortune. 

Visual field misfortune because of tumor or stroke. 

Twofold vision or visual motility brokenness in relationship with sicknesses of the sensory system. 


Intracranial hypertension. 

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Issues of the covers and students. 

Blepharospasm or hemifacial fit (botulinum poison treatment [Botox] is accessible for these conditions). 

For data with respect to any of the conditions above, allude to the American Academy of Ophthalmology Eye Health Library. 

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Neuro-Ophthalmology Patients 

Patients who ought to be seen by a neuro-ophthalmologist include: 

Patients who have any deficiency of visual keenness, visual field or shading vision because of an issue with the cerebrum or optic nerves. 

Patients who have or are suspected to have high intracranial pressing factor (pressure in the head), as this expanded pressing factor can cause optic nerve growing and loss of vision. 

Patients who have issues moving their eyes or twofold vision because of misalignment - these issues may result from injury to the mind places, nerves or muscles that control eye developments, or from a nerve transmission issue known as myasthenia gravis. 

Patients with tumors of the pituitary organ or different tumors that pack visual pathways - in any event, when patients don't know about any visual issues, reference to a neuro-ophthalmologist is especially significant when tumor expulsion tasks, to guarantee no deficiency of visual field. 

Patients with inconsistent understudies - an abrupt change in student size may mirror a genuine basic condition and ought to be inspected right away. 

Patients with compulsory shaking of the eyes (nystagmus). 

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Neuro-Ophthalmology Examination 

Neuro-ophthalmology assessments start with a cautious audit of patient issues and applicable issues, trailed by an assessment of vision and eye development, normally including visual keenness, shading vision and visual field testing. Eyes are inspected under a magnifying instrument (cut light), with exceptional consideration paid to the optic nerve and retina. Much of the time, enlarging drops are managed to upgrade the assessment of these significant structures. Eye developments are likewise assessed, which may incorporate the utilization of crystal focal points and uncommon graphs. Also, the pressing factor and size of each eye might be inspected. For inconsistent students, drops might be managed to recognize the reason for the issue. Visual field testing is led utilizing a machine that showcases lights in different zones while a patient presses a catch to recognize each light, evaluating potential examples of visual field misfortune that may prompt a conclusion. At long last, neuro-ophthalmologists plunk down with their patients to talk about their condition and any medicines or the board procedures accessible. 

What to Bring 

Your glasses and a duplicate of your remedy, if accessible 

A reference from your alluding doctor with explicit thinking for your visit 

Any significant earlier clinical records, including radiology reports 

Any past MRI or CT examine reports of your mind or eyes

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