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Dry eye known medically as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or keratitis sicca, may be a condition where there's a drag with the assembly of tears.

Usually eyes feel irritated, scratchy, dry and uncomfortable. Eyes could also be red and there could also be a burning sensation, or it's going to feel as if there's something within the eye like grit or an eyelash. Sometimes there could also be periods of blurred vision but these normally get away after a brief while or on blinking. Sometimes eyes may water an excessive amount of and sometimes eyes won’t actually feel dry but you'll notice that there are not any tears once you are upset or when peeling onions.

Why do my eyes feel this way?
Tears are important as they form a layer on the very front of the attention . Called the tear film, this layer does variety of things. The tear film takes a neighborhood within the focusing of sunshine into the attention but it mainly lubricates the attention keeping it moist and smooth. The tear film is really made from three layers each with a special function.

The layer closest to the attention is named the mucin layer. It coats the cornea which is that the clear window at the front of the eye; it forms a foundation for the opposite layers of the tear film.

The middle layer is named the aqueous layer. this is often the watery layer that the majority people consider once they consider tears. This layer is produced by the lachrymal gland which is underneath the upper eyelid. This layer provides moisture and supplies oxygen and other important nutrients to the cornea. This layer is especially water.

The outer layer is named the lipid layer. this is often an oily film which seals the tear film to the attention and helps to stop any evaporation. Evaporation is that the technical name for the watery layer being lost into the air.

The mucin and lipid layers are produced by small glands round the eye. whenever we blink the tears are spread onto the front of the attention . Excess tears are drained away by tiny drainage holes on the within of the eyelids, these holes channel the surplus tears into the nose. this is often why crying sometimes makes your nose run.

Dry eye features a number of causes. It happens mostly as a neighborhood of the natural ageing process but also can be caused by problems with blinking or problems with the glands which produce the tears. Some drugs can cause dry eye, like antihistamines and oral contraceptives. Contact lenses carry an increased risk if you've got dry eye.

Sometimes dry eye is additionally a symbol of other conditions affecting other parts of the body particularly arthritis or a condition called Sjogrens syndrome. Sjogrens syndrome may be a condition where, also as dry eyes, people also can have a xerostomia and a dry vagina. This condition also can involve a kind of arthritis.

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