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Treatment for short sightedness at 108 eye and health centre

Myopia, otherwise referred to as short-sightedness, may be a common condition that causes objects within the distance to seem blurred while close objects are often seen clearly.

Myopia occurs when the attention has an excessive amount of focusing power, either thanks to the attention being too long or the cornea being more curved than usual making the attention too strong.

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As a result, when someone with short-sightedness tries to seem at distant objects, the rays of sunshine are focused ahead of the retina, instead of directly onto it, causing the looks of these objects to become blurred.

Causes of myopia
Myopia, or short-sightedness, occurs when the eyeball is just too long so it affects how the cornea and lens focus. this suggests objects within the distance appear blurry because light rays are focusing at the front of the retina instead of directly on its surface.

What specifically causes the eyeball to grow longer is currently unknown, however we are conscious of other factors which may cause myopia. as an example , myopia commonly runs in families so you're more likely to develop it if each side of your family are short-sighted.

Common symptoms of myopia include:
*difficultly reading and seeing distant objects clearly
*squinting your eyes to ascertain better
*regular headaches and eye strain
*Symptoms of myopia vary between person to person. Short-sightedness *usually starts around puberty and gets worse over time until the attention is adult .

If you think that you or a beloved may need myopia, an eye fixed test will determine if you're short-sighted, and you'll tend a prescription for contact lenses or glasses to assist correct your vision.

Treatment for myopia at 108 EYE AND HEALTH CENTRE
The most common treatment for myopia is prescribed glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. However, patients who not want to believe spectacles or are unable to use contact lenses might need to think about laser eye surgery instead.

At 108 eye and health centre, we always aim to supply our patients a spread of treatment options in order that they will choose which one is true for them:

Laser eye surgery
Laser eye surgery is commonest treatment for any patients not wishing to wear glasses or contact lenses.

lens replacement
As a technically-advanced development of cataract surgery, a lens replacement aims to supply a permanent solution to myopia

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