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108 Eye And Health Centre offers LASIK vision correction in a world class environment. We're your key to a world without specs.

What Is Laser Vision Correction?
Photorefractive keratectomy, Laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) and refractive lenticule Extraction are laser based procedures that correct the refractive power of the eye at the level of the cornea. In PRK the most superficial layer i.e., the epithelium of the cornea is removed, and the refractive power is corrected on the face of the cornea. In LASIK a flap is lifted either using a microkeratome or Femto laser and the face of the cornea is refashioned using laser. In Refractive lenticule birth there's no flap, only a lenticule of corneal tissue is removed.

What Is The Procedure?
The process starts off with numbing of your eyes with eye drops. Also, the surgeon will use a lid speculum to keep your eyes from blinking. A suction ring will also be placed to help eye movements. hope your vision to come dim or black at this point.

In Lasik, using a microkeratome or laser, a flap of corneal tissues is created lifted and folded back. The surgeon will also ask you to stare at a blinking light source so that your eyes don't move.

The laser energy will also be applied to correct the refractive power. After the laser the flap is folded back into position and the edges will heal. The process will be effortless.
In PRK after the epithelium is debrided, Excimer laser will be applied to alter the face of the cornea.

In refractive Lenticule extraction FLEX or SMILE a lenticule of corneal tissue of a particular consistence will be removed to attain the desired correction.

What Happens After The LASIK Procedure?

Please have a normal diet from the first day
You may experience mild discomfort, tears eyes, starburst like sensation for a few days. They will get better.

The face can be wiped with a damp cloth, and you can have a soap and water bath below the neck.
Please wear dark spectacles during the day. The cup to be taped at might over both the eyes for 1 week

Apply drops as instructed and please come for your post procedure visits as requested.

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