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Endophthalmitis is an inflammation of the interior eye tissues.

What is endophthalmitis?
Endophthalmitis is an inflammation of the interior eye tissues, most ordinarily caused by an infection.

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If you've got recently had an operation on your eye, a procedure like an intravitreal injection or an injury to your eye and you experience any of the subsequent symptoms, please report immediately to your nearest eye accident and emergency department:

Sensitivity to light
Vision reduction
The earlier the attention is treated, the higher the recovery.

What are the risks of endophthalmitis?
The main danger is that the risk of eyesight being reduced or lost if treatment isn't started as early as possible.

Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre
To find out what's causing endophthalmitis, samples of the fluid from inside your eye are going to be taken and sent to a laboratory for tests. Antibiotics are going to be instilled into your eye and antibiotic drops and tablets are going to be prescribed for you.

If the infection is extremely severe, you'll be admitted into hospital for more intensive treatment like intravenous antibiotics.

How long will the treatment take?

Your eye are going to be checked a day and you would possibly got to stay in hospital overnight. once you are discharged, you'll tend a date for a follow-up appointment. it's important that you simply attend this appointment. Once reception , you'll got to keep taking the medications prescribed for you (drops and/or tablets) until the doctor tells you to prevent .

Are there any future side-effects?

Loss of some vision can occur, but blindness is rare.

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