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Eye floaters
Floaters appear as spots or strands which drift across the vision because the eye moves.

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Floaters themselves are harmless and don’t usually interfere together with your vision – you'll even have them without noticing. this is often because your brain constantly adapts to changes in your vision and learns to ignore them.

In a significant minority, floaters can cause disturbances that affect the standard of vision. If this persists, treatment are often offered. However, the primary step is establishing the underlying cause.

There are two sorts of eye floaters:
Long term floaters: usually a symbol of vitreous degeneration and may be very annoying if you suffer with them. they're caused by the break-up of the vitreous jelly which fills the within of the attention . Vitreous gel is 99% water and 1% clear solids that are present from birth. The solids start to become opaque because the gel degenerates.
Acute floaters: a sudden occurrence of floaters, sometimes related to flashing lights, may indicate that a posterior vitreous detachment (P.V.D) is happening which could cause a retinal tear. This successively could lead on to a detachment of the retina . Acute floaters should be treated as a medical emergency and professional medical advice should be sought within 24 hours.

Common symptoms include:
Small spots or “cobwebs” which flick across the sector of vision on eye movement
A generalized mistiness of vision, often described as a fog or mist which can cause glare and increased difficulty in bright light

Treatment for eye floaters
Vitrectomy is that the surgical removal of the vitreous gel, replacing it with a saline to stop the solid components of the gel regenerating. this provides light a transparent passage to the retina. it's usually administered under local anesthetic .

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