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Get best Lasik Eye Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre

108 Eye and Health Centre is committed to deliver personalized, safe, high-quality care through the pursuit of clinical and scientific excellence. The qualified Professional Team & Staff are hooked in to pursuing the best possible outcome for all patients. Our hospitals have built its reputation on word of mouth and appreciates the importance of patients’ referrals. We understand that we'll only ever be nearly as good because the last surgery performed at our clinic which is why we attempt for excellence in all of them.

Technology plays a crucial role in our aim to supply the very best standard of care. 108 Eye and Health Centre prides itself on using latest award-winning Technology.

Our goal is to form these procedures affordable and accessible to all or any . Our prices are best without compromising on quality. we aim to form quality eye care services accessible to each patient with affordable cost, and ensure healthier eyes.

108 Eye and Health Centre consulting, day surgery and  compile world-class surgeons, purpose-built facilities and state-of-the-art technology to make sure the best possible outcome for patients.

Laser refractive eye surgery is a sort of vision correction and involves reshaping the cornea to correct a refractive error. this happens when the attention is abnormally shaped and can’t focus light directly on the retina at the rear of the attention , leading to out-of-focus, blurry vision. samples of refractive error include short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), age-related long-sightedness (presbyopia) and astigmatism. Astigmatism commonly occurs along side short- or long-sightedness.

If you meet the subsequent basic criteria, you'll be eligible for laser eye surgery. We also offer a free, no-obligation assessment where we'll comprehensively check your eyes and discuss your vision correction options.

Lasik is painless
You can return home shortly after leaving the laser suite (once the sedative has worn off), but must be amid a lover or loved one because your vision are going to be slightly blurry.

You will tend protective glasses and eye drops (antibiotics and steroids) to travel home with. Before you allow , a follow-up appointment are going to be made for later that very same day or subsequent day. Using artificial tears for a minimum of every week after surgery is usually recommended. 
Remember to bring your eye drops to your post-operative consultation, where your eyesight are going to be tested to see the results of the surgery. Patients are ready to return to most of their normal daily activities the day after surgery.

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