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A leading and best in eye treatment - 108 Eye and Health Centre with an enormous experience

Now we are proud to possess the second generation entering the profession which allows us to possess understanding of both the older and therefore the younger generation and keep upto date with the new opthalmic technology and current fashion

Different patients have different vision problems. We understand the importance of the role your vision plays in lifestyle . it's through this understanding that we aim to perform the best job possible to enhance and repair your vision.

The Institute is that the first laser clinic in Noida to supply patients with a lifetime commitment, as we stand behind our mission to supply efficient and affordable laser eye surgery and vision correction procedures with the best possible results.

The benefits of getting your laser eye surgery treatment with the 108 Eye and Health Centre of Eye Surgery are clear to ascertain . Our clinics are patient-focused, as they aim to supply the best possible outcomes through the safest and most reliable means.

We make sure that every patient will receive personalized care, as we understand that every patient deserves our full attention, full information and full service. We value nothing quite your satisfaction and constructive experience with us.

Our panel of experts at 108 Eye and Health Centre are highly qualified and extensively trained at the best institutes and have experience of quite thousands of Lasik procedures.

Laser Vision correction
Laser Vision Correction is primarily done to urge faraway from glasses or contact lenses for refractive errors like short-sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism etc.

This is a really simple cosmetic procedure for those that like better to see without glasses or contact . the most important concern in any cosmetic procedure is safety and accuracy. Hence, all folks prefer an area with a state of the art technology. Nonetheless, it's an error to think that technology alone is liable for the simplest outcomes. The skill, experience and judgment of the surgeon are equally important because the technology

We offer differing types of laser vision corrections like LASIK with blade, Blade-free LASIK ( femtosecond laser) and PRK laser vision corrections, to supply the best Lasik Surgery in Noida

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