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What's Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a complicated complaint in which damage to the optical nerve leads to progressive, unrecoverable vision loss. This condition is the alternate leading cause of blindness worldwide. There are generally no early warning signs or painful symptoms of open- angle glaucoma. It develops sluggishly and occasionally without conspicuous sight loss for numerous years.

By the time a patient is apprehensive of vision loss, the complaint is generally relatively advanced. Without proper treatment, glaucoma can lead to blindness. The good news is that with regular eye examinations, early discovery, and treatment, you can save your vision.

People at risk!
Everyone is at risk for glaucoma. Still, certain groups are at advanced risk than others
People over 60
Family members with a history of Glaucoma
Those who have suffered eye injuries
African Americans and Hispanics in aged age groups
Steroid Users
Other possible risk factors also include high myopia and hypertension.

Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops, capsules, ray surgery, traditional surgery or a combination of these styles.

Medical treatment The application of eye drops and capsules is the most common treatment for glaucoma. It's important to take your medications regularly and exactly as specified if you're to control your eye pressure.

Nd – YAG laser iridotomy and trabeculoplasty is an inpatient procedure which is especially useful in narrow angles and angle check glaucoma.

Conventional surgery When specifics and laser therapies don't adequately lower eye pressure, doctors may recommend conventional surgery. This microsurgical procedure produces good results.

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