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Glaucoma Eye Treatment 
Glaucoma may be a group of eye conditions during which the nervus opticus becomes damaged, usually thanks to an increase in intra-ocular pressure (IOP).

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If left untreated, this damage (neuropathy) can cause loss of field of vision – and ultimately blindness.

Types of glaucoma
Congenital glaucoma
A rare but serious developmental abnormality of the attention causing glaucoma.

Secondary glaucoma
There are several possible causes including inflammation, trauma, surgery and syndromes like pigment dispersion and pseudo-exfoliation. These cause raised IOP and glaucoma.

Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) is when pigment is released from the iris into the anterior chamber (fluid filled chamber at the front of the eye) which can then cause a blockage of the drainage canals, an increase in eye pressure and damage to the nerves opticus . this is often referred to as pigment dispersion glaucoma.

Pseudo-exfoliation (PXF) may be a rare condition caused by a build-up of abnormal protein which can block the outflow of fluid, cause raised eye pressure and should cause nerves opticus damage.

Symptoms of glaucoma
It is estimated that over 11.2 million people across the planet are going to be completely blind by 2020, as a results of glaucoma.

So understanding the symptoms has never been more important for your eye health.

Treatment for glaucoma
Every patient is exclusive , so we provide an in depth consultation with one among our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons to work out suitability, answer all of your questions and explain the treatment options.

Treatment for POAG is generally with drops but may require laser or surgical procedures. PACG may require laser treatment, surgery and/or medical treatment. Laser treatment would be with peripheral iridotomies (small holes within the iris) within the first instance.

Our Hospitals and Consultants
All treatments are administered in our own dedicated Eye Hospitals. you'll be cared for in relaxing and cozy surroundings. Your consultation is provided by an equivalent renowned Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon who will deliver your treatment.

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