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Best eye treatment given to patients at 108 Eye and Health Centre

Patients need to await a really short time to be examined and treated, unlike the other eye hospital. Personal attention is given to each patient. Thousands of patients have expressed gratitude and rated our hospital because the best eye hospital in Noida. In spite of being one among the best eye hospitals and having the best retina specialist, this hospital has very basic and minimal charges for all procedures.

108 Eye and Health Centre has maintained to the standards of being the best eye hospital in Noida. it's clean and well sanitized. it's a gorgeous infrastructure and is one among the foremost well maintained and best eye hospitals in Noida

108 Eye and Health Centre has one among the best retina surgeons, one among the best eye hospitals has gained excellent clinical acumen and surgical skills over the years.

Our Best Treatment

Eye Injections (Intravitreal Injections)

The idea of taking an injection within the eye can sound extremely scary. However, this procedure is nearly painless as anesthesia drops are administered before the injection is given. Very fine needles are used for intravitreal injections which we usually import ensuring top quality painless pricks. The fineness of the tip of the needle can make a difference to the pain perceived by the patient. At 108 Eye and Health Centre, we take the additional step to make sure patient comfort. differing types of injections are available for treatment of degeneration , swelling within the retina, diabetic disease and blood vessels blocks inside the attention .


This is a surgery during which the jelly inside the attention is removed and replaced with clear fluid. this is often wiped out conditions like bleeding inside the attention or vitreous hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, detachment of the retina and macular hole. With the newest technology, we provide no-stitch vitrectomy. Very fine instruments are inserted into the attention , the jelly is removed by a vacuum and therefore the instruments are removed at the top of the procedure. No stitches are applied ensuring quick healing. In many cases patients have resumed work from the day after surgery. the best part is that the eye looks exactly like how it looked before surgery.. nobody can figure out the difference!

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