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108 Eye And Health Centre.

Pediatric Eye Care

comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation is offered for children of all ages.
The following services are available

1. Cycloplegic refraction
2. administration of general Paediatric eye conditions
3. Paediatric cataract evaluation and surgery with premium IOLs.
4. Evaluation and administration of eyesight and nystagmus with speciality tie ups.


Patients suffer through evaluation and contact lenses trail to choose the optimal contact lenses. They're also educated with respect to handling of the contact lenses through many sessions as needed. The following contact lenses are available and allocated then.

Standard contact lenses.
Rigid Gas Passable lenses (Semisoft)
day-to-day disposable
Monthly disposables
Yearly disposable lenses
Customize contact lenses

Age related macular degeneration (ARMD) affects about 9 of the worlds elderly citizens, to a lesser or greater degree.
While chronic smoking and chewing pan has been indisputably linked to this condition, it may also occasionally affect non-smokers as well.

What happens here's a progressive accumulation of by products of metabolism called "druses". These accumulations compress on the girding retinal layers and cause a degenerative destruction that precipitously leads to originally deformation of vision and latterly on a gross reduction in the visual potential.
ARMD can be of two types the dry type, or the wet type. In the wet type there's a progressive leakage of blood and blood products at the visual centre of the retina called the fovea, while in the dry type this is absent. The dry type can progress to the wet type as well.

When you visit the eye specialist she'll check your visual acuity and give a grid like map called the amsler's grid and ask you if you can see any deformations, she'll also subdue to a retinal examination and looks for the signs and extent of the complaint..

Top Services

Cataract Surgery
Basic Eye Check up
Neuro ophthalmology