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With an eye on excellence.
108 Eye And Health Centre has a commitment to give comprehensive and compassionate eye care, delivered with state of the art equipment, technology and approach.

Conceptualized by good doctors 108 Eye And Health Centre is a one of a kind eye care Center where you'll be heeded to, your problems understood and holistic results provided that will change the way you look at the world.

108 Eye And Health Centre endured ophthalmic surgeon, a professed and perceptive- teacher, an achiever amongst peers, and an astute clinician whom you would love to place your trust upon to give the most apt resolution to your ophthalmic problems.

Services Offered

Cataract Surgeries
It denotes a pathological process wherein the naturally clear human crystalline lens turns opaque, gradationally leading to a progressive diminution of the quantum and quality of vision.

Refractive Surgeries
The Lasik ray procedure can correct myopia and hypermetropia by ablating the corneal substance with a hugely precise laser beam called the excimer laser.
Pediatric Eye Care
Comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation is offered for children of all ages.

Glaucoma is a chronic visually incapacitating disease that primarily damages and destroys the nerve cells in the retina.

108 Eye And Health Centre platoon has a huge experience in handling trauma cases, involving the globe and the orbits. In chemical injuries, like exposure to acids or alcohol expansive damage could occur to the optical surface leading to scarring and adhesions.

Specialty Contact Lenses
Patients suffer through evaluation and contact lenses trail to choose the optimal contact lenses. They're also educated with respect to handling of the contact lenses through many sessions as needed

Top Services

Cataract Surgery
Basic Eye Check up
Neuro ophthalmology