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Skill of the doctors at 108 Eye And Health Centre combined with rearmost and most advanced accoutrements will be available to bring forward the most best individual and remedial treatment protocols which emerge from evidence based medicine. Patient education and involvement of the patient and his family in decision making is the primary goal of 108 Eye And Health Centre

The authors of 108 Eye And Health Centre have immense experience

Helping people enjoy life through better eye health and the most best vision correction.

108 Eye And Health Centre is one of many devoted Eye hospital which has the state of art ultramodern diagnostic and therapeutic services of top quality in all the sub specialties of ophthalmology.

To deliver top quality comprehensive eye care using rearmost technology.
When you make a commitment to Core Values such as Quality, Integrity, Innovation, responsibility, Collaboration and Leadership, good effects be, For us it's by furnishing excellence in eye health and vision care, we enhance your quality of life.

Our passion is to enable everyone to have the most best visual function to maximise quality of life.

We take our years of experience, a passion for optics and an station of care to give you the top quality and service in eye care, Our passion evolves around taking care of the patients needs, preserving and enhancing their sight, and creating loyal bonds that last a lifetime.

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