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LASIK Eye Surgery Noida at 108 Eye and Health Centre
A new hassle Free World with the simplest of LASIK…Best Lasik Eye Surgery
A new hassle Free World with the simplest of LASIK…

What does LASIK rectify?
Myopia (Short sight)
Hyperopia (Long sight)
Presbyopia (Chalees)
Higher order aberrations (HOA)

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The human eye performs better than a contemporary digital camera! The cornea and lens focus the image on the retina. This high resolution image is transmitted to the brain through the nervus opticus by a stream of micro electrical pulses. Good eyesight depends on the integrity of of these structures and their functions. Some eyes can’t focus the image on the retina thanks to variation long of the attention or shape of the cornea.

Myopia ( Short sightedness)
In Myopia or short sight, the image gets focused at some extent before the rays reach the retina. the attention is just too long or its focusing power is just too strong. Distance objects appear blurred.
Hyperopia (Long sightedness)
In Hypermetropia or far sight the image isn't yet focused when the rays reach the retina. the attention is brief or its focusing power is weak. Objects both at distance and near could also be blurred during this condition.
In Astigmatism the irregularly shaped cornea makes the image never fully focus. Parts of the image are focused at different levels.
Presbyopia occurs after 40 years thanks to aging process. Near objects are blurry. It occurs early in Hyperopes and later in Myopes.

LASIK at 108 Eye and Health Centre
108 Eye and Health Centre offers a variety of recent LASER vision corrections. Wavefront Optimized Treatment, PRK, LASEK, EpiLASIK, ASA(advanced surface ablation), FEMTO LASIK, Presby LASIK, F-CAT, Oculyzer guided treatment, PTK (Photo therapeutic), Contoura vision topography guided ASA/LASIK etc. are a number of them. Specialized protocols for post Cataract, RK & LASER residual refractive errors, Angle Kappa customisation, ASA & LASIK plus for forme frustae ectasias etc also are offered. After detailed workup we will advise the simplest treatment that suits your eyes.

The unique Gaussion beam wavefront profile ensures ideal resurfacing. The ablation per diopter is that the least then the residual corneal bed is highest. we've an extended experience in using these systems & their updates.
You have an option of Amadeus 2 Microkeratome or FS-200 Femto LASER to make a skinny corneal flap. Microkeratome creates a rather Meniscus shaped flap while the Femto LASER creates a uniplanar flap with uniform & pre-fixed thickness. 

The Blade free FS-200 Femto LASER allows the surgeon to make a customized flap by adjusting its size, shape, cut angle and hinge to suite ideal parameters. The flap design improves the adhesion and reduces chances of the epithelial ingrowth. Its accurate ultrathin flaps are good for skinny corneas and high powers.

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