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Corneal disease treatment at 108 eye and health centre to assist you specialise in what matters

Corneal disease incidence / prevalence
Corneal disease refers to several conditions that affect your cornea – the clear window at the front of the eyeball. it's a singular a part of the body which is meant to be transparent and crystal clear. you'll see the coloured iris and therefore the pupil through the cornea.

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The cornea has many functions; one is to assist focus light rays on to the retina, the light-sensitive film at the rear of the attention to make a picture . This image is then transmitted to the brain.

When the cornea is broken by corneal disease, it can subsided transparent, or its shape can change. this will prevent light from reaching the retina and causes the image transmitted to the brain to be distorted or unclear.

Corneal disease are often caused by:

*Infectious keratitis
*Fuch’s endothelial dystrophy
*Corneal dystrophy
*Recurrent corneal erosion / corneal abrasion
*Eye surface tumour
*Stem cell deficiency
*Corneal emergencies

It may be necessary to ascertain a specialist if you experience any persistent or progressive symptoms together with your eyes, such as:

Sensitive to light
Reduced vision

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