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Droopy Eyelids Treatment
Droopy eyelids, scientifically called ptosis (TOE-sis), refers to the sagging of the eyelids over the eyes. Most of the time, this drooping of the eyelid is barely noticeable.

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However, in extreme cases, the lid can cover an outsized proportion of the attention , causing vision to be impaired.

Symptoms of droopy eyelids
The most obvious sign of ptosis is that the drooping eyelid. you'll find that either one or both of the eyelids sag. Sometimes, this may be barely noticeable and won’t necessarily affect your vision. Sometimes, ptosis are often amid dry or watery eyes.

In extreme cases however, you'll find that the drooping of the eyelid will start to impede your vision, especially if it covers your pupil.

In severe cases, you'll start tilting your head back in order that you'll see more clearly, even when having a traditional conversation. If left untreated, severe cases of ptosis can cause astigmatism, headaches and other vision issues.

If you notice that you simply are having rapid onset ptosis, over the space of a couple of days or weeks, you ought to see a doctor immediately. Often, there'll be accompanying symptoms, like headaches, loss of vision or a dramatic change within the size of your pupils.

Visit your doctor at 108 eye and health centre immediately to form sure that this isn’t a symbol of a bigger problem, like myasthenia or a brain tumor .

Causes of droopy eyelids
The reasons for getting droopy eyelids can vary from person to person. There are natural causes also as more serious conditions – where droopy eyelids are just a by-product.

Droopy eyelids become more prevalent as people grow old , thanks to the natural aging process. The muscle liable for lifting the eyelid – the levator muscle – stretches as we grow old and becomes less effective at keeping the eyelid open.

If you notice that you simply get sudden onset ptosis, over the course of a couple of days or weeks, you ought to see a doctor immediately because it are often a symbol of a bigger problem.

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