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Best Cornea Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre

Normal Disorders Of The Cornea 

Dry Eyes 



Corneal Scar 

Corneal Dystrophy 

Corneal Infections 

Visual surface issues 

Dry Eye Syndrome 

Present day infotainment contraptions have quickly expanded eye complexities because of Dry Eyes. Dry eyes are frequently evolved because of the persevering eye openness to portable and PC screens. These caused the eyes to lose their genuine tear fluid lastly brings about seriously dry eye issues. 

The dry eye condition is recognized in patients having red eyes and irritation for a significant stretch of time. The obliviousness on taking dry eye meds prompts extreme eye harm. Dry Eye complexities for the most part happen in individuals crossing their grown-up stage. However, these eye issues have gotten normal in early grown-ups. 

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The shots at getting serious and perpetual retina harm are conceivable if the dry eye confusions are not been treated at the beginning phase of fondness. We, 108 Eye and Health Center emphatically prescribe to remain protected from dry eye condition difficulties by giving interval rest to your eyes from high splendor screens, keeping up with your eyes tear by washing eyes. Patients experience dry eyes because of eye sluggishness due to the high dynamic season of eyes in figuring out the pointless requirements of the person. 

Techniques Performed 

Corneal Transplantation – Full thickness and Lamellar (give hyperlink) 

Keratoprosthesis – Artificial Corneal transplantation 

Amniotic layer transplantation 

Pterygium extraction with conjunctival autograft 

Limbal immature microorganism transplantation 

Visual surface recreation 

Mucous Membrane uniting

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