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Glaucoma Treatment at 108Eye and Health Center 

Glaucoma is the condition where Optic nerve goes through reformist harm, looses its strands, because of different reasons, commonest being high eye pressure. 

At first, it's the fringe vision that exits henceforth beginning phases are without side effects( notwithstanding, the point conclusion assortment, which happens in 25 % of cases present with torment as the underlying indication). It happens in 4-5% of individuals post 50 yrs old enough and increments with age. 

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Family ancestry, Past eye injury, Steroid use, Diabetes, Hypertension, Uveitis, Impaired blood stream to the head locale, Blood misfortune, Major medical procedures, Sickness-builds the danger of creating glaucoma. 

It very well may be made do with eye drops, lasers or medical procedure. 

Focal point and Cataract 

Focal point is the instrument the eye utilizes for the last and fine focussing of light on retina and for convenience - that is to center close to objects. 

It here and there opacifies, structures waterfall, generally with maturing, following wounds to the eyes or because of other eye sicknesses. Less normally it happens in youngsters and rarely, following other eye medical procedures. 

It seldom gets dislodged from its position and terrains up being an impediment in focussing light, confusing to its standard obligations.! 

At the point when the focal point mistiness is huge, it must be taken out carefully. There are no realized prescriptions to opposite or soften the waterfalls. 

Present day propels in innovation offers waterfall medical procedure to be offered on day care premise, strategy as such could be finished in 15-20 minutes and clinic stay might be just about as short several hours, as much as watching a film in a shopping center.! 

Present day waterfall medical procedure can be performed with no injectable sedation, without stitches(and even without gauze !). 

Highest quality level method of doing the medical procedure is via Phacoemulsification utilizing ultrasound energy and freshest expansion to the armamentarium is miniature cut waterfall medical procedure (MICS) which can be performed through ultra little entry point on the cornea, as little as 2-2.2 mm. This takes into consideration quick twisted adjustment, recuperating. 

Nonetheless, the bigger, scleral cut (SICS) methods are as yet substantial, may should be utilized in specific conditions, and furthermore have advanced to be managed without lines.

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