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108 eye and health center, eye related issues to complex surgeries and treatment. Likewise accessible is an optical segment with the contact focal point, scenes, low vision helps administering and ophthalmic drug store to finish the consideration, upheld via prepared specialized and nursing staff and oversaw by well disposed supervisors. 

Cornea Treatment at 108 eye and health center

Cornea is the straightforward front surface of the eye and it is at this interface, most extreme light twisting happens. Is wealthy in nerve supply and exceptionally delicate. This is inclined for drying, contaminations, irritations. Can likewise get scraped. 

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Shallow sores recuperate rapidly while more profound ones mend with a scar, a darkness that may require uniting. It is this part that is alluded to when individuals by and large discuss eye joining or transplantation. 

The eyes must be collected when is conceivable, ideally inside 2 hours, however it's worthy to be required in 6 hours.

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