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Refractive Surgery Services at 108 Eye and Health Center 

Patients wearing thick displays or high force contact focal points burning of getting independence from scenes/contact focal points are offered most recent refractive medical procedure alternatives appropriate for their eyes. 

They are first exposed to an expanded retinal assessment to guarantee that everything is great toward the rear of their eyes preceding arranging a laser vision adjustment method. In the event that the patient has a retinal issue like retinal openings, it should be dealt with before arranging LASIK medical procedure. 

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Once through, the patient is then exposed to pachymetry( corneal thickness at different focuses on the cornea) and geology ( which shows the curve of the foremost and back surface of the cornea at different focuses. This is finished utilizing the Pentacam from Oculus Inc 

When the Doctor feels it is ok for the patients eyes to go through refractive medical procedure, the patient is clarified about the method exhaustively. Refractive medical procedure is performed utilizing the WavelightAllegretto Wave laserby 

Uveitis Services at 108 Eye and Health Center 


Uveitis is an uncommon range of eye sickness portrayed by expanding ( aggravation) inside the eye. 

Your Uveitis expert will inspect the patient's eye in a decent quality cut light and stop for a minute should be done about it. 

Some uveitis are related with retinal involvement(posterior uveitis). This will require further assessment as fundus fluorescein angiography(FFA) as well as Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT). 

In case it is related with some other joint/skin or respiratory disase, some blood tests might be needed to go to a determination and to design further service. 

Foremost uveitis is commonly treated by eye drops, yet back uveitis might require tablets or infusions toward the rear of the eye notwithstanding drops.

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