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Best Eye Clinic In Sector 53 Noida

Fundamental observing gear like the Ophthalmoscope, non contact and applanation tonometry, Pachymeter and Gonioscope for complete Glaucoma workup. Laser systems and medical procedure for the administration of Glaucoma. Eye produces liquid called watery humor inside it and this liquid plays out the elements of greasing up and supporting certain pieces of the eye. 

Best Eye Clinic Sector 53 Noida

This liquid at that point gets depleted in the circulation system. A devote balance is kept up among creation and waste of this liquid to apply typical liquid weight inside the eye, known as intraocular pressure. The optic nerve emerges from the retina, the deepest layer of the eye, and conveys messages to the mind which is answerable for translation of picture.  

Best Eye Clinic In Noida Sector 53

What is Glaucoma ? : Glaucoma is an eye sickness and a main source of visual deficiency the world over. It is a condition which causes an anomalous high intraocular pressure inside the eye. The high weight quietly harms the optic nerve and veins that support the retina. When optic nerve is harmed, steady loss of vision happens. 

Best Eye Clinic Noida Sector 50

Harm to the optic nerve happens gradually that the individual generally doesn't know about the steady loss of vision. Vision progressively turns out to be increasingly more disabled until irreversible visual impairment sets in which is called Absolute Glaucoma. 

What are the side effects of Glaucoma ? : 90% of patients don't show any side effects; henceforth it is called 'Quiet enemy' of the optic nerve. 
Steady loss of fringe vision. 

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