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Best Eye Clinic In Sector 48 Noida

Like all medicines for glaucoma, the impact can wear off as expected. This is imperative to comprehend, as in numerous ongoing conditions (for instance like joint inflammation) the medicines are intended to keep the circumstance from deteriorating (on account of glaucoma by bringing IOP down to a protected level), as opposed to from restoring the condition. 

Best Eye Clinic Sector 48 Noida

Lamentably, any field lost from glaucoma is perpetually lasting, anyway fortunately every purpose of IOP bringing down makes the danger of movement of glaucoma lower. SLT likewise assists with diminishing the changes in eye pressure noted all the more so in glaucoma patients.

Best Eye Clinic In Noida Sector 48

GLAUCOMA CLINIC : SAVING SIGHT Glaucoma Clinic - Early finding, screening and treatment strategies 
Done by State-of-the-Art indicative and restorative modalities : 
ZEISS HUMPHREY PERIMETER : State-of-the-Art visual field analyzer. 
OCT for estimation of retinal nerve fiber thickness for soonest recognition of Glaucoma. 

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Glaucoma Clinic : The Ocular Response Analyzer - The Ocular Response Analyzer is a novel instrument for estimating the intraocular pressure (IOP) of the eye. It is likewise the lone instrument equipped for estimating the biomechanical properties of the cornea. Corneal biomechanical properties impact intraocular pressure estimation, go through adjustments in corneal pathology and following corneal refractive medical procedure. Corneal Hysteresis (CH), which is the aftereffect of gooey damping in the corneal tissue, is another pointer of corneal biomechanical properties. 

The Glaucoma dept of 108 Eye And Health Centre is presently outfitted with the Ocular reaction Analyzer, a most recent and novel method to quantify Intraocular pressure. 

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