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108 EYE AND HEALTH CENTRE is a MULTI SPECIALITY Eye Hospital catering to all or any Eye Care needs at affordable prices. Our Hospital is well equipped with all the newest facilities, specialized Eye surgeons trained in premier institutions who have considerable experience, in CATARACT, LASIK, GLAUCOMA, RETINA and in SQUINT Surgeries. We maintain absolute sterile conditions follow standard protocols to offer the best treatment to our patients.

Comprehensive Eye Check-Up
Which includes in taking individual patient history (signs & symptoms) along side the tests like acuity , refraction, retinoscopy, measurement of intra ocular pressure, colour blindness , auto refractions, aberrometers, slit lamp examination, pupil dilatation, eye health evaluation and retinal examination.

Catract Clinic
Intraocular Lens (IOL) implantation, small incision sutureless, no injection, no stich, no patch with topical anaesthesia (on drops) Cataract Surgery (phacoemulsification) with premier IOL's like aspheric, mono-focal, toric lens, multifocal and accommodative IOL's.

Lasik & Laser Clinic (Refractive Clinic)
Lasik and Laser screening for removal of spectacles and get in touch with lenses. surgery for brief sight (myopia),long sight (hypermetropia), astigmatism and presbyopia on world's best wave front technology on Excimer Laser (SCHWIND AMARIES 500E, Germany) leading edge technology.

Blade Free Lasik Surgery (INTRALASE)
The Intralase method which during a 100% blade free approach so as to perform the Lasik & Laser Surgery without a blade touching the attention . This Intralase Laser which provides extremely high degree of surgical control, rapid healing, excellent vision safe and effective.

Cornea Clinic
Diagnosis Services which incorporates corneal topography, pachymetery, corneal scrappping and surgical management. Collagen-Cross Linking (C3R) for kerotoconnus treatment with advanced Femtosecond Laser, specialized contact Lenses including Implantable Contact Lenses(ICL).

Glaucoma Clinic
Applanation Tonometetry, Gonioscopy and Humphrey's Computerized field of vision , evaluation & surgery .

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