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Lasik and Laser Vision Correction Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre

Lasik, short for Laser Assisted in place Keratomileusis, is that the commonest laser eye surgery within the treatment of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. it's a refractive surgery that reshapes the cornea to enable it to properly focus the sunshine entering the attention onto the retina.

Lasik Laser eye surgery is painless and may last for less than quarter-hour for both eyes. it's ideally fitted to people that wish to eliminate the utilization of eye glasses or contact lenses and results are often ‘seen’ in 24 hours.

People for whom Lasik isn't a viable option, a other vision correction surgeries are available like LASEK eye surgery, PRK and phakic IOL surgery. the attention specialist will recommend the simplest vision correction technique for your condition.

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The Procedure
Your eye surgeon starts with a surgical tool called a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser to form a skinny , round ‘flap’ within the cornea. He or she is going to then fold back the hinged corneal film to urge to the cornea beneath (the stroma) A highly specialized excimer laser removes microscopic amounts of corneal tissue using an ultraviolet . The laser thus reshapes the cornea in order that incoming light is best focused on the retina, which improves vision.

For myopia, the cornea is flattened while a steeper cornea is desired for hyperemia patients. Excimer lasers also can rectify astigmatism by smoothing the cornea into a more regular shape. After the cornea is reshaped the flap is laid back to place covering the world from where the tissue was removed. The cornea is then allowed to heal by itself. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and doesn't involve the utilization of stitches or bandages.

Other Vision Correction Procedures
Excimer Lasers
Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

Laser Assisted Sub-epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK)

Lens Implant Procedures
Clear Lens Extraction or Refractive Lens Exchange

Phakic lens (IOL)

Intacs or Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segment

Incisional Procedures
Astigmatic Keratotomy (AK)

Thermal Procedures
Laser Thermal Keratoplasty (LTK)

Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)

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