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Epiretinal Membrane - Epiretinal Membrane Definition : An epiretinal layer (ERM) alludes to the improvement of a dainty sheet of tissue or a meager film creating over the focal region of the retina called the macula. In the beginning phases, it is a scarcely obvious and called cellophane maculopathy. In the late stages, it might cause extreme wrinkling of the macula and is alluded to as a Macular Pucker. 

Best Eye Centre Sector 60 Noida

Epiretinal Membrane Symptoms : Early films (cellophane) are asymptomatic and typically identified unexpectedly on a normal test. As the films deteriorate patients grumble of mutilation of vision or wavy vision. In late stages, there can be the extreme visual misfortune. 

Best Eye Centre In Noida Sector 60

Epiretinal Membrane Diagnosis : Epiretinal can be handily analyzed by a retinal expert on clinical assessment. Tests are expected to discover how extreme the ERM is. A retinal sweep called the OCT is generally needed for this. This sweep encourages the retinal specialist to perceive how serious is the layer. In view of this output the retinal specialist may prompt a medical procedure. 

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Epiretinal Membrane Treatment : ERMs either continue as before for quite a long time or become gradually. Likewise, most of patients with ERM don't have any indications. More often than not your retina specialist may not prompt any treatment for such ERMs. Occasional tests are everything necessary. 
ERM stripping a medical procedure: in a couple of patients, ERMs become large enough to deliver a critical effect on vision. 

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