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Robotic Femto Cataract Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre

108 Eye and Health Centre is that the pioneer in Robotic Cataract Surgery with the CATALYS Femto Cataract System. it's a state-of-the-art bladeless system specifically designed to satisfy the present challenges while performing cataract surgery to deliver the simplest clinical outcomes possible and supply reliably outstanding results to the patients.

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Who is in danger for cataract development?
Ageing is that the commonest risk factor associated with cataracts. Some risk factors included:
Certain diseases eg Diabetes
Taking certain medications
Extended unprotected exposure to UV rays

How do I avoid worsening cataracts?
When you follow a healthy lifestyle and have a clean diet, the chances of cataracts getting worse could also be reduced. By avoiding drugs that increase the danger of cataracts, you'll also prevent cataract growth. It includes long-term use of certain eyedrops & medicines for skin and other ailments.

As a final safety step, reduce prolonged UV light exposure without shielding your skin. Wear UV protective sunglasses to chop back on cataract growth, even during cloudy days.

What happens if you allow cataracts untreated?
Cataracts will grow to become ‘hyper-mature,’ if left untreated and may cause Glaucoma. These hyper-mature cataracts are harder to get rid of , which may cause complications in surgery. once you delay treatment for too long, it can cause complete blindness.

When should i buy my cataract operated?
You can do without surgery until cataracts interfere together with your lifestyle . However, if your cataract causes blurred vision, glare while driving, or make it impossible for you to finish tasks or enjoy hobbies, then it's time to think about surgery.

Is it possible to urge obviate specs along side cataract surgery?
Yes it's possible. Now a days, with the supply of latest phaco refractive surgery techniques, one can get obviate specs for distance also as near. along side removal of cataracts, implantation of Toric, Multifocal and EDOF IOLs is performed in these procedures.

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