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LASIK and Refractive Eye Treatment Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Center 

Refractive blunders can be amended by basic means similarly as with Spectacle focal points and Contact focal points - which right the mistakes as along as they are worn. 

In any case, LASIK and partnered surface techniques and intra visual inserts - Provide for lasting refractive mistake adjustment. 

LASIK revises moderate blunders, by chiseling the Cornea while intra visual inserts (Implantable Contact Lens - ICL) can address a lot higher mistakes in reasonable eyes. 

Neuro Ophthalmology  Treatment

Relates to the Optic nerve which interfaces from eye where we "see" and mind where we "picture and appreciate". 

The "sight" nerve may engage in assortment of conditions - hereditary/heritable 

Birth related-contaminations, nourishment, distortion 

Auto safe conditions 

Obtained contaminations 

Other retinal conditions 

Other neurological and ailments 

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Eye injury (an uncommon element - glaucoma, warrants a different area, covered somewhere else).

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