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Neuro-ophthalmology is the part of Ophthalmology that arrangements with illnesses of the eye comparable to the sensory system. These fall into two significant gatherings – Optic Nerve Diseases and Eye Movement Disorders 

Optic Nerve Diseases at 108 Eye and Health Center 

The optic nerve is the lone nerve in the body that can be straightforwardly analyzed by a specialist. It associates the eye to the cerebrum. The optic nerve can be influenced by Inflammation, Ischaemia (a stroke of the optic nerve), Compression, Raised intracranial pressing factor and Trauma. 

At 108 Eye and Health Center, we have a specialist group which will put you to the vital tests to distinguish the main driver and viably address something similar with the best of the lab hardware and medical procedure offices. Sometimes, blood work, CT or MRI filter is expected to affirm the issue. 

Eye Movement Disorders 

Eye Movement Disorders can present as twofold vision, obscured vision or 'Unsteady' (flimsy) vision and ordinarily happens because of orbital illness, stroke, infections of the nerves, muscles and bits of mind that control development and sicknesses influencing the transmission of signs among nerve and muscle. 

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Eye Movement Disorders that happen unexpectedly require pressing clinical thoughtfulness regarding preclude genuine conditions, for example, a break of veins providing the mind. Our master specialists and best in class innovation guarantee quick and successful treatment of a wide range of eye development issues.

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