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Cataract and Refractive Surgeries at 108 Eye and Health Center 

Cataract is the blurring of the regular glasslike focal point and commonly happens on account of maturing, albeit different reasons might be delayed utilization of steroids, openness to bright and related medical issues like diabetes and eye wounds. Medical procedure is the solitary known powerful therapy for Cataract evacuation. All Cataract medical procedures are focused on expulsion of the overcast regular focal point and supplanting it with an IntraOcular Lens (IOL). 

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At 108 Eye and Health Center Phacoemulsification is played out (No line a medical procedure) and a foldable IOL is embedded. There are various IOL decisions accessible for the medical procedure, for example, Aberration free/Aspheric IOLS, Toric IOLS, Multifocal IOLs, Accommodating IOLs and Micro Incision Cataract Surgery. These focal points can be embedded through a little 1.8 to 2.8 mm opening. The IOLs will be disclosed to you unmistakably during interview, to assist you with picking the right one. 

At 108 Eye and Health Center, we have progressed Refractive Surgery alternatives to treat normal refractive blunders, for example, Myopia(near-sightedness), Hyperopia(far-sightedness), Astigmatism (haziness) and Aberrations. 108 Eye and Health Center are outfitted with the high level frameworks and systems for vision adjustment wherein the treatment can be customized for each eye of the patient. 

Laser Vision Correction 

A customized zyoptix treatment (Customized LASIK) remedies the refractive mistakes to incredible precision and gives best nature of vision by also revising the optical distortion of the eye. A tissue saving zyoptix, as the name recommends, remedies the necessary force utilizing a lesser measure of corneal tissue, along these lines can address more refractive mistake in slender corneas. An Aspheric Zyoptix enjoys the twofold benefit of amending circular abnormality of the eye just as keeping up with normal corneal shape. 

Intra Ocular Surgeries 

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) ICL rectifies the more significant level of refractive mistake which is impossible by laser medicines. Implantable contact focal point (ICL circular/Toric) is carefully embedded in the eye between the iris and the regular glasslike focal point through a little corneal cut. 

Refractive Lens Exchange: In refractive focal point trade a medical procedure the normal glasslike focal point of the eye is supplanted with a fake Intraocular focal point (IOL) to accomplish more keen center, once in a while it is settled on youngsters with extremely high powers. The surgery is practically equivalent to Cataract medical procedure and is done under nearby/effective sedation.

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