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We anticipate to form 108 Eye and Health Centre accessible from every part . we will provide quality ophthalmology services and genuine medicines

We aim at establishing ourselves to supply the very best quality of eye care with the foremost experienced and expert ophthalmologists, using state of the art technology with ethical practices. we've propounded the thought of making a distinct segment for 108 Eye and Health Centre within the eye care industry with blade free surgery and also make it the simplest for Complete Eye Care."

It has been estimated that there are 15 million blind people in India. Out of which 60% are thanks to Cataract. Of course, moreover an outsized chunk of them try to urge their Cataract Surgery in Noida, this cataract base blindness is reversible.

Cataract Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre
The human lens , which is obvious and transparent, is a component of the focusing mechanism of the attention and when it becomes cloudy and opaque results in decreased vision and is named Cataract.

What causes Cataract ?
Ageing is that the commonest cause. With age, proteins of the attention lens get altered and denatured resulting in cataract. Other causes include congenital and developmental anomalies (birth defects), trauma, inflammation of the attention , metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, certain medicines like steroids, radiation etc.,

What are the common symptoms of Cataract?
Cataract makes simple tasks difficult and in some cases impossible to perform. Various sorts of cataracts can cause different sorts of problems. a number of them are

*Cloudy or Blurred Vision
*Changes in one's perception of colors
*Sensitivity to bright lamps or sunlight
*Poor night-sight
*Difficulty in driving especially in the dark
*Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription

What are the treatment options for Cataract at 108 Eye and Health Centre?
Surgery is that the only course of treatment for cataract where the cloudy lens is replaced by a man-made lens know as Intra Ocular Lens - IOL

Earlier method was to chop half circumference of the cornea to bring out the whole lens, later prescribing the thick glasses. this system was modified by leaving the support intact in order that an IOL are often placed and glasses are required though not as thick as within the previous method. Both these methods require a totally ripe lens for straightforward removal, sutures to shut the wound and eye must be made numb through an injection.

In the past several decades the cataract surgery has undergone rapid development in terms of techniques, the calculation of power of the IOLs ,the type of IOLs to realize amazing visual outcomes

To make the Cataract Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre, is a better option...

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