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Cataract Treatment at 108 eye and health centre

We 108 eye and health centre offer precise analysis of the phase of the Cataract and if it needs a medical procedure. 

On the off chance that the patient has a Cataract, he/she is exposed to specific estimations of the eye-corneal shape as dictated by keratometry and estimation of the hub length of the eyeball by a-filter. 

In the event that a patient requires a toric intra-visual lens(IOL) or settles on a premium multifocal IOL, then, at that point he/she is exposed to cutting edge indicative tests to decide the precise IOL type and force fit to their eye. 

After every one of the tests are done, the patient is prompted by the specialist about the strategy and the date for a medical procedure is fixed. 

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Cataract microsurgery is acted in a secluded activity theater with laminar wind stream office, the best according to activity theater rules by NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals). In the greater part of the patients, no infusion is needed preceding a medical procedure. 

After medical procedure, the patient requirements to apply drops to his/her eyes for 4 to about a month and a half. 

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Squint Services at 108 eye and health centre

We offer the whole scope of kid eye wellbeing needs, directly from essential scene amendment, treatment of eye hypersensitivity , conclusion and treatment of squint, glaucomas and Cataract in kids. 

In the event that a youngster has squint, it is assessed by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist with respect to the sort and level of squint. It is then resolved whether it very well may be revised with glasses ,patchingor needs a careful rectification. 

In the event that careful rectification is needed in a small kid, it is done under broad sedation. 

Inherent naso-lacrimal channel obstacle , in which the newborn child has watering of possibly one or the two eyes by birth, at first will be shown sac knead as the greater part of them open up by legitimate sac rub, seldom might require opening of the section by syringing or medical procedure. 

Amblyopia( allude to area on understanding data) may require fixing of the better eye and close management. 

Paediatricglaucomas and Cataract are likewise overseen according to the phase of the illness.

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