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Retinal detachment treatment at 108 eye and health centre
A detachment of the retina is where the skinny , light sensitive layer at the rear of the attention becomes separated from the wall of the attention .

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Causes of detachment of the retina
The most common explanation for detachment of the retina is little tears within the retina which then allow fluid to urge beneath the retina and separate it from the nutrient layer underneath.

Retinal tears or holes are more likely in short-sighted eyes, after a posterior vitreous detachment (a normal ageing change) or after cataract surgery, and may occur in diabetic eyes.

Symptoms of detachment of the retina include:
*sudden increase in floaters
*flashing lights
*visual loss starting anywhere within the periphery and progressing towards the centre

Treatment for detachment of the retina at 108 eye and health centre
Every patient is exclusive , so we provide an in depth consultation with one among our renowned Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons to work out suitability, answer all of your questions and explain the treatment options for detachment of the retina .

Vitrectomy is that the surgical removal of the vitreous. Gas is then wont to fill the vitreous cavity and to push the retinal detachment back against the attention wall. the world round the hole is sealed using either laser or cryotherapy to make a permanent scar. The gas bubble reabsorbs spontaneously and therefore the scarring prevents re-detachment.

This is usually administered under local anesthetic .

Scleral buckling
Tiny silicone bands or sponge material indent the attention wall, pushing it in towards the detaching retina. Help to scale back the quantity that the vitreous gel pulls on the retina (vitreous traction).

A vitrectomy can also be necessary followed by laser or cryotherapy to supply a permanent seal round the retinal tears.

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