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Age-related degeneration (AMD)
Age-related degeneration (AMD) may be a common condition involving damage to the macular, which affects sight .

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The macular may be a small but vital a part of the attention located at the centre of the retina, the light-sensing tissue which lines the rear of the attention . it's liable for seeing fine details clearly, meaning degeneration can make everyday activities like driving, reading and recognising faces harder . AMD commonly affects people in their 50s and 60s affects people over 50 years aged .

age-related degeneration symptoms
Macular degeneration symptoms can occur in one or both eyes and affects your sight . they're not painful and don't affect eye appearance. Early symptoms of age-related degeneration include distorted areas or blurring of your vision. As AMD worsens, you'll be unable to ascertain things within the middle a part of your vision and can lose the power to ascertain fine details, both close-up and at a distance.

AMD treatment options
Your consultant specialist will discuss your personalized treatment programmes with you. However, below outlines the present available degeneration treatment options;

At 108 eye and health centre, we offer wet degeneration treatment within the sort of intravitreal injections. These degeneration injections use medicines referred to as Ranibizumab (also called the name Lucentis) or Aflibercept (also called the name Eylea). These are a part of a gaggle of anti-VEGF medicines which, when regularly injected into the attention , can prevent abnormal vessels from growing, leaking and bleeding under the retina

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You can rest assured that you simply will receive the very best quality of care when choosing 108 eye and health centre for your wet AMD treatment. We enjoy a worldwide reputation and an exceptional level of care, delivered by surgeons performing at the highest of their professional fields and who all hold accredited consultant positions at 108 eye and health centre

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