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108 Eye and Health Centre is one among the best eye hospitals in Noida. Our eye hospital offers the newest eye surgery and most advanced retina treatment.

With the best technology and a top retina surgeon, this eye hospital has become one among the best eye hospitals in Noida. Our highly experienced eye surgeon, , has performed thousands of successful retina surgeries. Patients are extremely satisfied with the attention treatment and advanced eye care provided.

108 Eye and Health Centre has the best eye surgery available for cataract. the newest technology at minimal cost is out there for patients who got to undergo cataract surgery. Our cataract surgeon has had the very best experience with the foremost complicated cataracts, giving patients excellent vision within minutes of the cataract surgery. 

Cataract surgery is performed within minutes without even an area anesthesia, giving the patient excellent vision within moments. In spite of offering the simplest eye care, cataract surgery cost is minimum at our eye hospital. This makes 108 Eye and Health Centre the best eye hospital. Laser eye surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre features a very high success rate.

Laser Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

This is an easy procedure during which a green light is directed at the retina to treat areas which don't receive sufficient blood flow. This helps to divert blood to the healthy retina, thus preserving it. Laser treatment is important in preventing blindness in diabetic patients with advanced diabetic retinopathy.

Laser Treatment for Retinal Tears and Lattices

A green light is applied to the retina to surround and block areas of weakness to stop the retina from detaching. This laser averts a possible detachment of the retina and is in some cases done as an emergency. an individual complaining of sudden appearance of floaters and flashes in his vision must get his retina checked.

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